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One of the things I have heard real loud and clear over the years is building your list. And, one of the tools that is very effective while building your list is to use marketing incentives.

I find this practice to be effective yet annoying. So, you have to do it right so you don’t annoy too many people. One of the most effective ways to build your list is to trade. You are willing to give the prospect something in trade for their name and email address. This can be something in the form of a special report or an E-book.

When you learn about different marketing techniques, find one that fits you. The above technique is great and not one that I find offensive (or annoying).

I don’t want to offend anyone with this next method, however, if you take offense (maybe) you should stop using it! LOL

First, I want to make a statement: I LOVE CLICKBANK!

Just like any program, a marketer will come up with a marketing technique they use specifically for that program. Click Bank is no exception. Here is how it works. You advertise something at a very low price. (Since I am referring to Click Bank, I should let you know that Click Bank is a company that you can place Electronic products for sale.) When someone buys the low cost item, before they close their Shopping Cart, you upsell them to a mid-price item. If they buy that, you upsell them to the higher cost items.

Personally, I find this annoying and offensive. With Click Bank, they have a 60 day money back guarantee. I have bought some great products there and I have asked for a refund also. (I asked for refunds most of the time from people trying to upsell me)


Several years ago, we went on vacation and decided to drive so we could hit several destinations. Since we were going to New York and Massachusetts then down to Florida, this put us on the path of going thru St Louis. I drove right thru Downtown St Louis (and the poorest part of the city). My kids were not ready for that experience. If you have never been in the middle of that level of poverty, you just can’t relate.

Growing up in New York City, I knew first hand what poverty was. All I had to do is look around at the apartment buildings in my Grand mother’s neighborhood. These Grand buildings were being reduced by neglect because of Rent Control. 

This was in essence, the opposite of Marketing Incentive.

While you are engaged in building your online business, what marketing incentives will you be using? Determine what you are going to do by deciding to care.




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