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I’m so glad we are learning deep breathing techniques. This helps to settle yourself and definitely a technique that allows one to calm before following a decision that is not necessarily beneficial to yourself and others.

When I read the blog: Why I Stopped Blogging (Part 3), I knew something wasn’t right. From the beginning, the sub paragraph was titled: IS THIS THE FINALE. The reference was regarding writing blogs. The purpose of writing the blogs in the first place is to have an avenue of expression. With this being the Compumatrix Blog Site, the expression would be like an extension of what and who we are here at Compumatrix.

I’m writing this because Why I Stopped Blogging (Part 3) should never be published much less even written. I told my husband NO MORE BLOGGING FOR YOU UNTIL YOU CAN BE MORE RESPONSIBLE!

It really wasn’t about responsibility and it wasn’t about patience. It was totally about frustration. And, it wasn’t about getting paid but more about participation. I know he has requested information in the past and I know it wasn’t available. I get it! (he doesn’t) We haven’t run across something like Compumatrix before. Maybe it’s because anyone else that has tried this gave up in the early stages. Most of the time, if you are involved in a “start up”, you aren’t a part of it while it is in the development stages. (You don’t know the difficulties over sometimes years the founders are going thru.)


Trying to be patient is not something a driven person is wired for. When we discussed this last night, my husband stated, “all I want is the training and marketing tools that have been promised on the last several conference calls”

Talk about being patient. My husband walked away from and put other opportunities on the back burner because of the opportunity that Compumatrix offers to prospective entrepreneurs. It’s not only what Compumatrix has to offer but also what it can do for other ventures that someone is involved in.

I know another frustration right now is the format of the blog. (But he has to admit it is the best it has been in years.) Yes, there is that issue of having to scroll down to find some of the recent posts.

I know in January, he has commitments to start another blog for another venture. This doesn’t even address his personal blog that has been archived by his hosting company because it was going to crash the servers!

Problems, Problems, Problems
yet we live!




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