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Don’t Use Your Strength for Your Online Business


Last week I had a very physical workout over several days. (Not the kind you get in the gym- I have a saying about exercising: Every time I think about exercising, I lie down until the feeling passes!The place across the street was bought and they were tearing down buildings and 2 beautiful trees that were out front. I thought the trees being hauled to the dump would be such a waste so I asked if I could cut up some for my mechanic. For 2 days, I cut up some of the trees and delivered it to my mechanic. The next day, one of my sons and I hauled 90 bales of hay and put it up in the barn.

While I was finishing up with the hay, I thought about how much more strength my son had than I did. I also realized he had not learned the fine art of leverage. He was using his strength and I was using my leverage. When I reflected on this, I thought about cutting up the trees the days previously. I realized how much I relied on leverage when I cut by digging my gripping spikes into the log and letting the power of the chainsaw do all the work. This also took into account a comment I made to one of the workers days earlier about when I used to cut, I would take a brand new chain and sharpen it to my specifications before I would even use it. The way I sharpened my chain created a pull effect thereby creating more leverage.

These thoughts occurred to me in the matter of maybe 10 minutes in passing as I was unloading hay and throwing them to the top level of our stack. After I reflected on the physical work I had been engaged in, I thought about what it takes to engage in leveraging my online business. 


Compuceeds, ever heard of them? You will!

When I publish this, I will earn some Compuceeds. When you read this, I will earn some Compuceeds. After I earn these Compuceeds, I will at some point use them either online or offline to purchase something. When it is in regards to my online business, I will use some of these ideas in the process of: leveraging my online business.

Compuceeds are a Digital Currency that is produced by Compumatrix

While engaged in E-commerce, I know the pains of dealing with payment solutions. We are working within a shorter and shorter time frame for an acceptable method of payments for our products and services. Gone are the days of 30 days net!

Compumatrix not only provides a means for a payment solution that is desperately needed but this company allows the individual a means of leveraging their online presence. Although your strength is important, It will get you to the door. If you really want to succeed online, then you need to learn how to leverage.

Don’t use your strength, use your leverage and LEVERAGE YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS. 





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