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I am desperate! I cannot find a job. No one wants to hire me. I would starve if I was not on government assistance, which I wish I did not have to receive. I need to eat and need something to do!

I am widowed with no work experience. I am lucky if I have a cup of tea and a slice of bread most days. It is only by grace that my lights are still on, I need some help!

I am a senior and most people do not want to hire me for jobs that i could make enough to live off of! It is not fair, I need help!

I am wheelchair bound with limited mobility and limb usage, what am I going to do so that I can at least meet my needs?

All over the world, people, for one reason or the other, just cannot find work or enough work to meet the needs of life. They sit and become frustrated because they cannot find something to do that will provide them with the help that they need.

I would like to SHOUT it from the mountaintop, that there is an answer for you as long as you have a computer! Go to and sign up as a member. Watch the video located on the page that will tell you about compumatrix. This is something that almost anyone can do, and many of the founding members would be happy to help you.

You will work the system for the whole month, and then you will be paid your earnings the last week of the following month!

If you want to sign up and work this system, feel free to contact me. I will help you complete your verification process, and set up your e-wallet, and even give you an initial VPC package on consignment to get you started!

Rev. Donald Andrew Sands is a founding member of Compumatrix. He has served in the past as a board member, chairman of the board, and as President! He lives and participates online from the Bahamas. Feel free to contact him for assistance @


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