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Where can I get a greater return than a Savings Account?

Are you tired of earning 1-3% per annum at the banks with the money you
put there? Would you like to get a better return on your money?

If your answer is yes, then the Compumatrix Portal and compuceeds is the
way for you to go! How does a 33% profit on your deposit per cycle sound
to you? And how long a cycle is depends on you!

Read this scenario:
(1) Buy a Ruby Virtual Prepaid Card (RVPC) retail for 100 euros or the
equivalent in your local currency. Go into the portal, click on the Redeem
button, enter your card number, and the value of that RVPC is now
deposited into your portal account.

(2) Click on one of the VPC buttons and scroll down to the subscribe
option in your Portal Account and start producing your VPC inventory.

With the 100 compuceeds in your Portal you can produce in your
inventory a RVPC for 60 euros/compuceeds, A Gold VPC (GVPC) for 30
euros or compuceeds, and a Silver VPC (SVPC) for 6 euros/compuceeds,
and leave 4 euros/compuceeds in your account. Your inventory goes into
a corporate que to be sold at retail. The retail value of these cards are as

Diamond VPC           –             Retail – 500 euros  Wholesale – 300 euros
Ruby VPC                   –                           100 euros                           60 euros
Gold VPC                    –                             50 euros                            30 euros
Silver VPC                  –                              10 euros                             6  euros

Sales associates will sell these for you, and you will receive your original
capital plus 33% profit back into your portal account (half of the profit in
your earnings account and the other 1/2 in your balance account to produce
more VPCs.

Note: you may also participate as an online/offline sales associate!

(3) If you repeat this process over and over again, you will find your money
more than doubling! Whatever you leave in your earnings account at the
end of each month will be paid to you in CASH the last week of the
following month via WIRE, EFT, or ACH!

(4) Participate and experience greater returns on your funds than you would
ever get from funds deposited in the bank at this time!

Come on and join us! Sign up at . Contact me at and I will he happy to help you get verified and
get your first RVPC to get started!


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