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Where do we go, what do we do?

We are at a cross roads ……

To be or not to be, we want to be, what will we be? Each of us have a choice in our lives, at many “cross roads.” We stop, we look, we listen with blank faces seeking some hidden information to let us choose the correct path; with the least resistance to achieve success with all the bells and whistles. Looking for the “easy way out” to reach our destination. We often step over the solution to getting it done. Shortcuts are a way of life with most without realizing the pursuit of shortcuts eats up more time than using the tools we have before us. Most have worked in the past, some are new. Don’t get me wrong, without experimentation, innovation would be dead. We need to stabilize the foundation of anything to be built before we try to fabricate the structure with new material. As with building a company or starting a new business, the base line has to be established that guides the formation of the foundation. It is the starting point and is decided to be that point by determining criteria found with investigating what the goals are and what it takes to get to where one wants to be. Time, it is the key ingredient to any construction project. When does it start, and when will it be completed? Time is money, it is a truism proven beyond a doubt.

With any endeavor, we get excited, want to do it, and most fizzle out when the first bump is hit or We hear one of our friends say “that’s crazy, what you wanna do that for?” That statement has killed more good ideas and kept many good businesses from getting off the ground. It takes a person with a “rhino thick hide” to get past the first bump of discouragement. This is also a sign of a weak foundation not investigated to know where you want to be and how to get there. If one prepares a plan, gets the tools needed, allocates the time it takes, and then works the plan, bumps will not deter the plan off its course. Without a concise plan to work from, all that will be accomplished it to create mass chaos, burning up valuable time, using up valuable resources, and eating away at the budget watching it vanish without any positive outcome.

The moral; “plan your work and work your plan,” the decision you make at the crossroads will be much easier to make, and chances are, it will be the right one.


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