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Happy New Year From Arizona


Finally, time to get away! As I’m sitting here in Tucson, Arizona, enjoying 50 degrees this morning and back home in Greeley, Colorado, it is -18 degrees (that’s below zero). I’m looking back at the year 2014 and wondering how we all held so much optimism. The excitement had built to the point of almost making it by the end of the year. However, we are holding over this excitement to carry us into the year 2015 and beyond! (To infinity and beyond!)

Instead of a blog post, this could be considered a letter (and you know who you are that it would be written for). This is your letter of inspiration. It is the Compumatrix family that stuck together thru thick and thin (mostly thin). And just like a family, we had our good times and our bad times. We had family members that decided they wanted to separate themselves from us. (Don’t you have someone in your own family that you don’t talk about – or talk to?)

When we boarded this train to Financial Success, we chose this train on this track before it pulled out of the station. The other trains were on other tracks but we chose this one. The train station was bustling as there were many trains ready for departure all destined to Financial Success. 

As it would become the reality of our story, our train did not pull out of the station that day. Others jumped from our train to other trains that “seemed” to have more power.

Those other trains are long gone and with them, the dreams, the inspiration and the promises were lost with their memories. For those of us that stayed with the train called Compumatrix, we saw a transformation in this mighty engine and the Engineer just would not give in even when there wasn’t a track to run on. Similar to the Polar Express (from the movie), when the train hit the ice, the engineer worked the brakes to pull the train in line of the tracks that emerged from under the ice.

In case you wonder why all the trains just did not go back, I have to tell you several years ago, we went back and visited the train station that they departed from. The grandeur had left that place many years ago as a train has not departed from that station in years. Now, you just walk by that station to the dock to take the Ferry to see the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Although the train station is abandoned, it will some day be restored for historical reasons. However, it will never again rein as the beginnings for Financial Success. 

That is reserved for those that boarded THE COMPUMATRIX EXPRESS.





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