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We live in a world where people often feel like they are at odds with time.  Certainly here at Compumatrix, time has been a factor of contention.  And yet, here we are, years from when we started, and still here!  Henry has built this company from the beginning, and has never abandoned his dreams.

That is part of the role of time in our world.  It serves to weed out those dreams that are not in our highest interest.  It helps us tune in to the things that are most important, and most heartfelt.  It is quite hard to maintain something that is not in alignment with our highest purpose.

In fact, maintaining anything at all is simply not possible.  Being so excited and enthralled with what you are doing in life that there is nothing to do but go forward with enthusiasm, is the wave of the future.

Let us find ourselves discovering such a wave in this very moment! What is it that you are doing, in this moment or the next?  Is it something that you can stop yourself from doing?

Even if all you are doing is reading this blog, that is as good example as any.  You are reading it, or perhaps you are pausing or stopping.  Yet even those things that you are ‘doing’ are being done, without having necessarily decided ‘okay, I am doing this, now.’

Somehow, life unfolds.  What is most important to us happens or, sometimes, doesn’t.  We can pretend we are in control of what is happening.  But if we look closely, we may discover a mystery.  What we experience, what we do, feel and think, comes out of nowhere and nothing, and disappears back into that same nothingness when it is over!

So, watching over time, we can see what it is that Source, God or the Universe is wanting to experience through us, because it is what happens!  Simple!

Through this, I have come to trust my experience in life and with this company that has survived through so many challenges.

Cheers and prosperity to everyone as we move forward into the New Year!  May you recognize the abundance all around you!





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