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Marketing is an Art

For anyone who intends earn online, the essential things that are required are:

1. A Product or A Service or A Business

2. A Website through which you make the offer of either the product or service or business.

3. Marketing which includes getting qualified and converting traffic which is also known as targeted traffic in your particular niche. It is also often referred to as Buyer Traffic.

or alternately one can earn money by promoting affiliate offers.

Product/Service/Business: It is not hard to find a good in demand product. Again the product can be Physical Product or Digital Product. It is rather easy to market a Digital Product say like Compuceeds. A service can be any online service which is in demand. A business can be either your own or in partnership (JV). A combination of these two is our Independent Business Owner in Compumatrix.

Website: It is absolutely necessary to have a website (it is like a store or shop offline) to promote your offers. You can have your own website or you can have a website not belonging to you but can be used for promotion of certain type of products. An example is Compuceeds which you can promote with or without a website (offline).

Now the most important of all is marketing. Marketing is easy and difficult as well. If you offer has to meet with success, then you need Hungry Buyers. How a Buyer becomes Hungry? Simple when Buyer understands the potential of the product like Compuceeds, he/she becomes interested in that product.

At this stage I want to narrate a true thing happened in mu Uncle Krish’s life. This is what my Uncle Krish told me some ten years back.

This was in 1975. A friend of my Uncle Krish was ready to open a big Ready made Garments Shop in a Three Storied Building, built specially for that purpose. In the ground floor it is Kids Garments, First Floor is for ladies garments and second floor is for gents garments. He invested huge amount of money in the stock and got worried about sales. When there was one week left for opening the shop for public, he asked my Uncle Krish to suggest him a sure shot marketing technique. My uncle Krish told him to advertise in local news papers like this:


The friend of my Uncle Krish got shocked at the very suggestion, but got enthused when my uncle explained the method. My Uncle Krish told him that as usual on all the days of the month customers have to come and buy the garments and retain their Bills. On the First Day of the next month. lots will be taken by one of the clients for the particular day of the month. Suppose 16 is picked up. all garments sold on 16th of the previous month are FREE to CUSTOMERS. They can bring the Bills and collect the entire money they paid for buying garments on that day. When the shop was opened after widely publicizing it, there was a STAMPEDE at the SHOP and the whole stock was sold in one day flat. This continued for all the days of the month, because customers were hopeful that the day they purchased will be picked up in the lots. The sales touched the sky and Krish’s friend got back all the money he invested in just one month, which otherwise would have taken years. On the first of next month when they asked a customer to pick a date by lots, it was 16 as we assumed. All those that purchased on that day 16th were refunded the entire amount they paid. When Krish’s friend calculated it worked out roughly to 4% Discount, which is nothing.

Why I narrated this here is it can be simple marketing technique that can change the destiny of that business.

Now it is up to all of you to think ways and means to promote your business. No need to worry about finding the business. You can start with marketing Compuceeds.


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