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Back to Snow Country and my Online Business


At the turn of the New Year, we were enjoying chilly Tucson, Arizona. My wife published a blog Happy New Year From ArizonaNew Year’s eve, it dropped down to about 30 degrees and snowed just dusting the ground a little. That was about enough winter for Southern Arizona.

Returning, we had some real winter driving to do. We take our time now and do the trip over 2 days and both days, we were blessed with winter driving conditions. For one stretch between Colorado Springs and Denver, we had a Police escort with the purpose of slowing traffic to a reasonable rate of speed. North of Denver, they should have done the same as there were cars all over the place and off the road.


I just wanted to set the condition in your mind. Do you remember when 12 inches of snow did not make a difference in the world for you. Do you remember when you couldn’t wait to get out of the house when you saw 12 inches of fresh snow on the ground? Will, when you live in ski country, this gets your adrenaline going.

The last time I got so excited about heavy snow, I lived in the mountains. I also worked outdoors and I loved it! I also couldn’t wait to saddle up and hit the trail on my horse!

I still have horses and 3 of them aren’t even trained yet! Years ago, when I was excited about training, I loved saddling up when there was 12-20 inches of snow on the ground because that was ideal training conditions! (They couldn’t buck as bad and if they threw you, you had something soft to land on!)

I was out this morning for about 2 hours and it was only 0 degrees. My mind started wondering to those days. You know what I mean: those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end….

I thought about when I worked outside and instead of 2 hours, it would be 8-10 hours. Then I thought about my online business. This is why an online business is so valuable.


Although I can thumb my nose at the weather when it is time for me to go to work, this isn’t one of the major factors for my online business. We went on vacation. While on vacation, I could check and see how everything was progressing. When I returned from vacation and the harrowing winter driving, I checked my business and …..

The value of my online business kept increasing. 




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