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So, You Want Your Own Online Business


Most people do not take their business seriously. By this, I mean they just want to treat their computers like an ATM machine. They just want to put their debit card in the slot and withdraw money. Remind me again that I need to have money in the bank before I can take it out!

So, you want your own online business and you need to learn what it takes. Your job is like that ATM machine. You put in your time, the accounting department sends an electronic payment to your bank and you go to withdraw it! It is that simple if you want to have simple interest in your bank account instead of compound interest. 

If you want compound interest deposited into your bank account, then you need to learn everything you need to about running an online business. 


This is NOT a trick question. Most people work at a job and the job owns them. If you want to own your online business, then you need to think like a business owner. You are now responsible for the success or failure of your business.

A friend of mine is launching his own business. He doesn’t need to know only a portion of the business and pass the rest on but he has to invest all of his abilities in every aspect of the business. (He does not necessarily have to handle all these components, however, he is responsible for all of them.)

For him, this means he has to dive in and learn everything he can about every aspect of his business. When he finds a portion of that business that he can outsource to a more qualified individual, then he has the option of doing this. However, this does not take the ultimate responsibility away from him.


Are you willing to take the responsibility of ownership with your online business? This should not be a difficult decision. If you are in it as a life-changing activity, then you are ready to take on the FULL responsibilities of business ownership.

Taking on the responsibility really means you are taking on the responsibility of taking care of yourself. How do you think about money? Do you think in limitations or do you think unlimited. If you think in limitations, you are not yet ready to take care of yourself. (Keep looking for that Social Security check.)

If you do not place limitations on what you do and what you can earn, then you are ready to take command of your life.

The choice is yours. If you choose, you can own your own future here with us at:



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