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Drawing a Line (Revisited)


It has been a while since I wrote Drawing a LineIn that post, I wrote the following:

I thought is best that I gag myself. There are times that you must plan carefully because you do not want to leave the opportunity sitting on the table. We use to refer to this in the Stock Market as LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE. In the “market”, if you leave it there, someone will gladly pick it up.

I wanted to revisit this area because it has been 9 months since that post. The idea fluttered in my mind this morning that I have to take better control of myself. The post Drawing a Line reminded me of this. I’m currently reading a few books by Loral Langemeier. One of the books, Yes Energy, is very thought provoking. She has developed a formula that she calls the yes energy equation. Although it looks like a mathematical equation, she states it clearly is not. What it is relates to an equation of the emotional behavior of your life and focusing them toward you life and financial goals.

The reason I mention this is because failure as well as success is a product of this equation!


You may have to pick up Loral’s book to fully understand this. However, the simple version (K.I.S.S.) is to understand you have to take a different approach. You have to come from the perspective of building a successful online business by changing the way you think about the World of Business.

Realistically! You have to build your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. You have to build that team around you and most important, you have to change the conversation.

Like I said, if you want to understand what I just wrote, you may need to do a little reading. Pick up a copy of Loral Langemeier’s book, Yes Energy.

Then as we say in Compumatrix: read, read and read!





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