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The Cost of Your Online Business ….


I thought about this as I read something the other day. People put so much value in the price they pay for their purchase.

I once heard a story about a horse breeder that was selling good bloodline Quarter Horses for $5,000 each. Now, this was over 30 years ago so that would be a good price. The problem was they couldn’t get sales. One day, the wife came home and told her husband they were going to sell all of their horses. She told him she rented a fur coat and a limousine. She needed him to rent a tux and they were going to have their photos taken in front of a mansion in town. They used this in their advertising and sold every horse on their property for $50,000 each!

Sometimes people are misguided by the price tag. While sitting in a meeting years ago, the speaker made this comment: “This business shouldn’t cost only a few hundred dollars to get in. It should cost $10,000 to join. Then people would take it more seriously!” My husband turned to me and said: “It’s a good thing it doesn’t cost that much, this guy wouldn’t be in it because he had to borrow the few hundred to join in the first place.”


95% of offline businesses fail in their first five years! This is a statistic that has been quoted over and over again. You might think after a while that it would be in error. However, this is a statistic that will probably be with us. How is the online business world?

I fear the statistics are worse for our online businesses. It is sooooo easy to get involved with an online business because you can simply find one in your email account. You can do a search and find 10 per page. You can join one today and find a better one tomorrow (and the next day and the next…)

ACCOUNTABILITY is a BIG word that we miss the mark on. With the concept that we will do it tomorrow, we find ourselves not following thru with our commitments to build an online business. We are so conditioned to follow the instructions on how to accomplish the assignments at your workplace.

We miss one vital and important aspect of this game: THE VALUE IS NOT IN THE ONLINE BUSINESS, THE VALUE IS IN YOU!




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