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I have needed to take back my power with regards to my financial life. Compumatrix has been a focal point for me with this. It has made me realize how much I’d given my power away to it, to solve my financial problems.

This last week I came across a website that has a new way of doing budgeting. It gives you a free 34 day trial of the software, with the option to continue afterwards. (No subscription, and no credit card needed for the trial.)

I downloaded it and set it up, finally, today. It lets you budget for your expenses, adjust it as needed, and record your expenses as you incur them, on your phone or tablet. But in particular, it helps you know how much you have left in any particular category, for the month.  And it starts from where you are, not where you’ve been. You just plug in the money that is currently in your checking account, and budget accordingly.

The website also offers a free budgeting class that comes into your email box, for 9 days. Through it you will learn the 4 basic rules for succeeding with a budget. For example, the first rule is ‘Give Every Dollar a Job.’  The website also allows you to sign up for webcasts that cover the software and budgeting.

And once Compuceeds are widely known and used, we can add our Portal Balance and our Cryptoceeds balance as new accounts on our budget!  So exciting!  The future holds so much promise.

For me, the software was a help, even just today. It gives me puzzles to solve, rather than complaints to make about myself and what I do. I see that I have about $80 to buy groceries for the next month, after my bills! Definitely a challenge! But, food shelves are a big help for times like this.  And Oregon Food Shelves are awesome and incredible!  And I don’t have to play the ‘how much money do I ‘have left in my account’ game, which always ends up badly!

So, the website is YNAB, standing for You Need A Budget. Look it up on Google. Let’s get them in here as advertisers!


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