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Change the Conversation for Your Online Business


Haven’t you heard this over the years? In one ear and out the other! We were born with 2 ears, one to hear information and the other to immediately lose it!

Of course the quote is properly stated: We were born with 2 ears and one mouth. We are meant to listen twice as mush as we talk!

What happens if we don’t listen at all? What happens if you listen to the wrong information or rely on the wrong resources? What will our friends think? What will, what if, what, what, what!!!!

We have 2 voices inside our head. (some people have more) One tells us to venture out and take risks because in those risks are the seeds of success. The other voice tells us to stay where you are because you are comfortable and maybe you don’t have just what you want but just be satisfied.



Isn’t that what you want to hear? In the post DRAWING A LINE (REVISITED)I mentioned Loral Langemeier’s book Yes Energy. Part of her formula relates to: Change the Conversation. This is where you give yourself permission to succeed with your online business. 

With this permission to succeed comes the responsibility to own your success as well as failures. (This means you have to accept responsibility when thing go bad as well.)

If you can’t change the conversation, you have no need of the rest of her formula. This is the first part of the equation. In her book, she mentioned one person that attended one of her workshops. His friends told him that he didn’t need to go to that workshop, he was doing alright, etc.

He changed the conversation by doing what he felt he needed to do so he could have what he was looking for in the success of his business. (His friends were not going to give him that.) This person was running a business (a successful business) that his grand father started, then his father ran and now he runs. By attending this workshop, he learn what the Energy Equation was and how to apply it. Within a few months, he was on his way to a more successful business and the personal goals he desired for himself and his family life.

Are you ready for some Yes Energy?


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