How to Be a Great Salesman Part 1

Having been a salesman in the timber industry for 40 years, you would think I should know how. But that’s not how it is. You can only sell your product to someone who wants it.

Sales are an art. Part assertive, part passive, if you balance the persuasion and charisma of a great salesperson,. Read on to discover how to cultivate trustworthiness, an assertive presence, and an optimistic outlook on your sales.

Put the customer first.

You can’t sell anyone anything if they don’t trust you. Convincing someone that they need something you’re selling requires that you balance sincerity with your desire to make the sale, being assertive, firm, and honest. If they don’t trust you, they’re less willing to make an intelligent buying decision.


Find out what your customer really wants and why they want it. People buy “things” as a means to an end. Understanding your customer’s desires and adopting them yourself will make you a great salesman.

  • Allow your customer to lead interactions, and ask questions to determine their desires.
  • If a customer expresses interest in a particular item, ask what it is they like about it.
  • Allow them to choose the product that they feel good about, getting to know your customer and their taste, and uncovering their real motivation for buying.

Be an expert in your field.

Know everything there is to know about your product,  so that you can justify to your customer why your recommended product is the right one for them.