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How to be a good salesman part 2

Part 2
1. , I would say that I have forgotten more than I ever have learnt from the 40 years of being in that environment, but I can tell you one thing that if you ever try to pull the wool over the eyes of a potential buyer, that will be the end of an relationship that you have ever built up over the period of time , irrespective of offering product at a lower rate to gain back confidence. This was the first lesson that my father in law told me when I achieved the status of being a salesman for our company.
2. How do you approach you prospective buyer, ? maybe by making a and then get straight to the point of your purpose!!!, definitely not.
3. Maybe by leaving you computer open at the when your potential customer calls in !,. maybe have some cards printed. !, maybe have a sticker on your car ! , maybe a small add in the windows of some shops,
4. ,After winning the confidence of a” potential”, and going through all the hows, whens , and whys, but it really boils down to the fact of one question “ have you been paid yet”?, At present I would be stumped for an answer., “that is my hang up”.
5. . Pay close attention to your customers reactions.. Facial expressions and body language can be a big “tell” in the customer’s attitude.
6. As you pitch the product to them, remember that you are there to sell whatever is going to make the customer feel really good about their purchase. If a particular product seems to turn off a customer, acknowledge it rather than starting to argue for product. You might objectively name some of its merits while justifying the customers hesitation .
Just my thoughts from experience
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