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Is An Education Necessary


There was an article in this morning’s paper about the graduation rates for some of the online academies. The sad part of it all is the fact that the graduation rate is less than 50%.

Just the night before, we had a conversation with one of our sons regarding the importance of his high school education. Although it would be beneficial to have that degree, can you succeed without it? My husband pointed out some of the books he has read about Millionaires that never completed their high school education.

Bill Gates and his wife were interviewed by Katie Couric about their Philanthropy. They are proponents of Charter School Education. Over the years, the graduation levels in the Charter Schools has been higher than other schools. They mentioned getting the education so the student could get a better job. The discrepancy in this is that I do not see Bill Gates’ education as the catalyst for his wealth, it was his Entrepreneur Spirit that led to his Wealth.


We have every intention to sign up our son in our online business (Compumatrixafter he turns 18 (and not before then). He has already earned some money writing some blogs but he hasn’t done enough yet to “earn” his business position.

We asked him what he really wanted to do. (What really drove him.) He didn’t know so we mentioned a book we were reading from one of Loral Longemeier’s books. She teaches you to find your special skills set and then decide what is appropriate for you. She also does NOT talk about a job as a vehicle to taking control of your Financial Future.

My husband has some ideas to use some of our son’s strengths and desires to produce salable reports in Health and Fitness Markets. 

Our son probably will finish his high school education but he has been struggling with what he should do and why. It is nice to know there are options. This whole discussion started when he was showing us something expensive he wanted to buy in the future. My husband mentioned he should start a business so the business can purchase this. I guess he gets his ideas from Robert Kiyosaki. Robert told his wife Kim he wanted to buy an expensive sports car. Kim asked him one question: “What Asset are you going to build to buy that car?”



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