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I just came across an advertising fact. This is something to consider when thinking about who are you advertising to.

The statement went something like this: Baby Boomers purchase more than 90% of packaged good yet only 5% of the advertising is focused on them.

Right now, I am working on an advertising system and I am looking for the ideal product to launch it with. For this to work, I have to focus on some factors derived from advertising such as:

  • Finding a product to promote that fits into my online business goals
  • Finding the right target market to advertise to
  • Using the right advertising tools that would be appropriate for my product niche

When I look at the statement on the Baby Boomers, it makes me think about pounding a round peg into a square hole. After all, if this method worked in the past, it will work in the future (right?).


My friends have asked me why I have stuck it out so long with my online business, Compumatrix(I get even by asking them how there 401K is doing.)

I also remind them that although I have been waiting for some time, Compumatrix is not my retirement program but it is the catalyst for other online business ventures that I am working on.

So, I ask you, will you risk success with your online business? The reason for this question and tying it back to the purpose of this blog post, Advertising makes the World go round!

Example: 9 out of 10 Doctors recommend Lucky Strikes cigarettes.

Do you remember that advertisement? You would have to be a Baby Boomer to remember it since it hasn’t aired in probably 50 years! Yet, I remember it so clearly as I remember other advertisement pieces (good or bad). My father smoked Lucky Strikes at the time.

So, what risk am I talking about? Once you have found the Product that you want to sell online, you are putting your online business at risk of success if you do not take into consideration the proper steps for targeting the correct market and selecting the correct marketing tools to deliver your message.




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