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Through thick and thin, through rain or shine…your business comes first, and for the rest? Never mind.

Do you know of anybody, especially business owners, with that sort of mindset? Those who have sacrificed anything and everything personal to ensure the success of their job or business? I have read and heard countless stories attesting to the fact that many people are so hard-wired to live up to the societal idea of “success” that they will stop at nothing to accomplish it for themselves.

They see themselves as “winning”, and yet are deluded to the fact that their world is completely and needlessly off-balance.

They leave trails of broken hearts of their loved ones – or should I say, those who love THEM. Broken promises, broken dates…all for the sake of achieving what some inner programming is prompting them to do. That is to “win at all costs”!

These types of over-achievers almost inevitably DO reach the the goals they set for themselves that are their supposed markers of “success”. Often, they are so single-mindedly focused on these goals that they fail to truly understand what they have given up along the way. These are usually some vitally important aspects of their personal lives, such as neglected spouses, children, friends, and family. It also often extends to their own personal well-being – mental, emotional and physical. And when it gets to THAT point, it is sadly, often too late to make full reparations.

Divorce, the breaking up of families, conflagrations and irritations with family members, a struggle to regain health…all these are but some of the “leftovers” from the dangerous “dog-eat-dog/do-or-die” obsession and struggle to reach the top of the heap, that still runs rampant in our world today.

Sure, these people have probably been programmed by their own family members while growing up, ie. “you must work HARD to succeed!”; and later by society and especially certain sectors of the business world, ie. the old-world model of giving your soul to the company in order to keep your job.

The thing is…in this world today, more and more are waking up to the fact that indeed, we ARE all responsible for ourselves and every area of our lives. Wanting and needing to make a success of either your job or business is no longer a good enough reason to give up all or even ANY other area of your life. It is more important nowadays to find and maintain a BALANCE between all aspects – professional, business, personal…all are equally important.

I feel that we CAN have it all – maybe not all at once, but no one person could ever handle everything and who would want to? But I am a strong proponent of finding an equilibrium in our lives, and whatever that means to you is up to YOU to discover on your own. If needed, there is plenty of help for everyone in coming to determine these goals to help you fulfill all of your desires.

Yet there is only ONE person who is at the day-to-day controls – and that is of course, YOU. Only you can truly make yourself happy in all areas of your life.

Work SMART, not necessarily hard.  Now that…is a simple recipe for true “winning”!


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