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So, Have you been paid?

So have you been paid?” This is a question that most internet marketers dread when presenting a new program or business. People have been scammed so many times on the internet and have lost lots of money so that when you present the Compumatrix business they ask “So have you been paid? It has stumped me, and from reading the forum, it has also stumped many other members.

Very often when you can’t answer in the affirmative, the response, is “OK, let me know when you get paid and I’ll think about it.”

I was lying in bed one night wondering if there was a way around this situation and I fell asleep. I had a dream, which I want to share with you.

Jim and I had been friends for many years. He was a plumber working for a large company but really wanted to work for himself, preferably from home. One evening we were out at a restaurant with our wives and Jim brought up the topic of working from home.

“I’ve got just the thing for you Jim,”, I said,  “how about working an online business?”

“You’re joking right?” he replied. “I’ve been scammed that many times, besides all the online businesses are scams”

What is Compumatrix?

“Not this one” I said “It’s a company called Compumatrix. It’s a legally registered company in the United States and is compliant with Fincen, which is the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. It is also registered with other federal agencies in the United States. They have gone to great lengths to meet legal requirements of every country we’re in.”

“Oh yeah, it sounds impressive, but how long have you been in it?”, he asked. “ I joined in 2006” I replied.

At that time the waiter brought our meals and we changed the subject and chatted about other things while we ate.

A little later on Jim asked   “And so, have they paid you yet?  “Yep, they pay me every time a complete an activity or trade on the Portal.” I replied

“So you can take the money that they pay you and spend it in the shops and restaurants?”

“Well no, not yet, they’re just in the process of getting things sorted with the banking authorities and soon we’ll be paid in cash we can spend.” There’s a lot of red tape to untangle, but it’s just about sorted.

“So what do you have to do to get all this money? What do you have to sell? He asked.

I thought for a moment. “At present we have virtual prepaid cards to sell in various denominations and we can sell these to people to help them get started in this business” I replied. “We have the ten euro card, the fifty, the hundred and the five hundred euro card and people can buy these and start off their own Direct Selling businesses”

“So you’re telling me that you expect people to buy cards to start up a business, which hasn’t paid out money they can spend in the shops?  Get real”.

“Yes, that’s what I’m telling you.” I replied. “Compumatrix is a direct selling business and these cards are our product. When you sell the cards to someone, they have the opportunity to get into a direct selling business with a product, these VPCs, which is worldwide. You earn by selling cards and the cash that you get, you keep, either to spend either online or offline, or, you can reinvest it in purchasing more inventory to build your business.


“Let me show you something.” I said. I took out my smart phone and logged into my Cryptoceeds account. “Here, take a look at this” I showed him my seven-figure balance in my account. His jaw dropped. “You must have put in a hell of a lot of money in 2006 to get a balance like that.”

“Yes…… It was all of ninety dollars.” He couldn’t believe his eyes.

It looks good but it’s just virtual money – figures on a screen but you can’t do anything with it. It’s just like monopoly money.”

Yes, you are right. it is virtual currency and that is the way that the world is starting to do business now and in the future. You’ve heard of Bitcoin?” “Yes I’ve heard of it,” he answered.

“Well it’s a bit like that only our virtual currency is stable and is not subject to the volatility that Bitcoin is subjected to.

“But what’s the use of having it if you can’t do anything with it right now?” Jim asked

Peer to peer transactions

I laughed. ” There is a lot that we can do with it right now.” For example, you’re a plumber right? If you had a Cryptoceeds account and you were to do some plumbing work for me I could pay you in Compuceeds, which is the virtual currency that we use. I could pay you through my phone right into your Cryptoceeds account. There’d be no fees just a straightforward peer-to-peer payment.

Buy VPCs

“With this account I could buy our virtual prepaid cards and build up my inventory of cards, then trade them on the Portal or sell them online or offline to help other people to get into the business.

Buy from MEMA merchants

We can buy from merchants who are MEMA members that is they have a Cryptoceeds account and we can just buy our purchases and use our to Compuceeds to pay for them. You won’t even need your phone. You can just remember your pin number and use the merchant’s Internet to complete your transaction. This means we’ll be able to buy cars, real estate and lots of other things from these merchants.

The advantage to the merchant is that there are no transaction or credit card fees.

Buy advertising from the company

You can use your Cryptoceeds account to pay for advertising and other graphics work that is available from Compumatrix

Make gifts to people with a Cryptoceeds account

If you want to give a gift to someone with a Cryptoceeds account you can quite easily make a transfer to their account.

Debit cards

In time when we get a membership of five thousand, Visa/MasterCard will allow us to issue our own debit cards which means we’ll be able to draw down our Compuceeds as cash whenever we want to.

Jim looked thoughtful, but then he said, It’s all very well but how do you get all this monopoly money. “Ooops,” he said with a smile, “all this virtual currency?”

I answered him, “There are two other sites in the Compumatrix bundle and we use both of them to earn. The first is the site, which is a social site and the second is the Portal, which is a trading site. I’ll show you these if you like.”


Jim agreed so I logged on to and entered my username and password.

“This is where we can access the other parts of the Compumatrix site like the Trading Portal and the Forum.

Visiting site and reading blogs

In this social site we get paid in Compuceeds for entering the site (only once per day though, and we get paid for reading the blogs, up to twenty per day.

Writing Blogs

If we’re feeling really smart we can write blogs and we get paid for that too if they are accepted. The best part is that we are paid for every person who reads them and this really increases our funds. We will be able to put these funds into our Cryptoceeds account soon.

“Okay,” Jim said, “but where does Compumatrix get all the money to pay these Compuceeds to you?

“A good question.” I replied. “See all the adverts on the site? Well, they pay Compumatrix to advertise, and we can make it worth the advertiser advertising with us as we click on their adverts and visit their site. We don’t get paid for that but it sure helps the company.”


“What’s the forum?” he asked. “That’s where we keep up with all the news about the company, any notices about meetings and changes in the system. We also post items of interest, respond to other members’ postings and generally use it to keep contact with each other.

it pays to pop into the forum once a day just to keep up with what’s going on. It also shows that you are actively working your business. There are adverts there too, to click on. “

Jim was beginning to get a bit excited but still a bit skeptical. To him it looked too good to be true. “Now what about this Portal?” He asked.


I showed him my Portal account. “Hmmmm,” he said, “I see you have three months worth of payments owing to you, when will you get those. They will start this month” I said, “and then they’ll be paid once a month”.

“So how does this portal work? he asked.

Buy VPCs

“It’s a trading portal where we can buy our Virtual Prepaid Cards or VPCs for short. We can buy them using cash, bank wire, Paypal or our Crytpoceeds account.”

“And what can you do with the VPCs?” was Jim’s next question.

“Well” I said, there are two things you can do with them at the moment. You can trade them on the Portal. We subscribe and get them at a wholesale price with money in our Portal balance. Compumatrix then sells them. When they are sold we get the cost of our investment back, plus thirty three per cent earnings. With the earnings you can reinvest by buying more VPCs to build up your inventory to be sold, or you can let your earnings mount up to $5000, and receive a payout at the end of the month.

Secondly, you can use them to build the membership by selling them to other people online or offline. Remember, this is a direct selling company. If you sell them yourself you get to keep the total funds you receive.

If you decide to join I’ll show you exactly how to go about it and get the best from your business.”


I waited a while to let him think. “Well what do you think about this quick tour of Compumatrix?” I asked.

“Hmmm, It looks really exciting but I’ll wait to see if you get paid then I’ll join. I’m not willing to spend money on something that is not paying out.” Jim said.


“Okay, I have an idea,” I said. He looked up at me with a wondering look. ”You and your bright ideas, alright I’ll bite what is it?”

“Most businesses have loans these days, Ï started, “What if I loan you the value of five diamond VPCs to get you started and when you get paid you can pay me. This will give you the advantage of hitting the ground running when your sales  start. Remember we are required to sell a product whether we do it ourselves or through the trading Portal”

Jim looked surprised “But that’s two thousand five hundred euros, You haven’t got that kind of money and besides I’d be in debt to you, and if they didn’t pay I’d still owe you the money. Thanks, but no thanks”

“Relax” I said. “I’m not going to loan you two thousand five hundred Euros in cash, I’m going to loan you the equivalent of five diamond cards from my Portal.”

“All I need to do is to set you up in, A Portal account and a Cryptoceeds account. Make sure you fill in all the required profiles, send a photo and government ID and get verified.”

Then from my portal I can buy VPCs and send the codes across to you and you can redeem them and start trading. How does that sound?”

Jim drew in a deep breath and said, ”Yeah it sounds good but what if I don’t get paid?”

“Stop thinking like that”: I said, “That’s not going to happen. You will be paid. Come on man, think positively. Besides you can start selling VPCs to customers, to get paid anyway”

”Ok” said Jim, “But I want to have a written agreement drawn up between us. I know we’re friends but this is a business deal.”

Wouldn’t have it any other way.” I replied. So we drew up an agreement and we signed and dated it.

The Agreement

The simple agreement had five clauses:

  1. Clive to loan Jim the equivalent of 5 Diamond cards in VPCs
  2. Jim to open accounts and get verified in all the accounts
  3. Clive has access to Jim’s password to help him until he earns for selling VPC     either by himself or through the Portal.

4 The first month that Jim is paid 5000 Euros, He will pay Clive in cash the equivalent of 5 Diamond cards

  1. On payment to Clive, Jim will change his password to all accounts

The next day I met Jim and we set up all his accounts and he is well on his way with Compumatrix.

I don’t often get dreams like this but if it helps someone, that’s good. Now to turn my dream into reality.








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