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Where did it all start?

If I had a garden with fresh vegetables, I might trade some of my produce with the baker for some of his rolls. I used to trade the young man down the street some of my produce if he would turn my garden over. After a while, he wanted too much produce for the work. I wish there was a way to set a price for the work and the trades I wanted but…..

The Jeweler started storing Gold for people if they agreed that he could loan it out for a fee. He would pay a certain amount if you stored your Gold with him.

Now, the Jeweler calls his business a BANK. He stores Gold and people can write promissory notes to others for things they might buy.

Compuceeds are another type of Currency. (They are Virtual Currency.) You may not physically handle them as they are on the Internet. This makes your payment for products and services payable by Digital Currency.

Now, you know about the start of the Banking System (in general terms). How about the start of Compuceeds (the Digital Currency from Compumatrix). This is a little harder to grasp and something I will not get into regarding the history of the company Compumatrix. 

The START of Digital Currency came about due to the need to make payment systems faster and reliable. In today’s fast pace of Digital Marketing, the needs to have a reliable payment system can not be over stated.

I remember when the year was changing centuries from 1999 to year 2000. Due you remember the panic. Everyone thought the World was going to stop because our computer systems would not make the transition. The Computer system was NOT the problem. People created the problem in their head and as the century ticked away, there was a relief that nothing fell apart.

The same transition is occurring with our Monetary system. We are moving toward stability in our monetary system thru the use of Digital Currencies.


When we sat down with the Insurance agent, we commented that we had been looking for this product for 30 years. My husband mentioned that he had read about this type of Insurance more than 30 years before but he could not find the information again.

The presentation we had watched was about being your own bank. Not all Insurance products are written the same. You come to learn there are 2 types of Insurance. Then you learn there are hybrids to those products. Then you learn there are provisions that can be added and allow one product to differ from another.

I encourage people to study the Insurance industry (they have been here longer than our banking system). There is a lot that can be done with an Insurance product that would allow you to escape the trap of Debt.

Not every thing is as it seems.




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