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To Thy Self Be True


(especially on the Internet)

I had just finished a 3,500+ word project and had some time on my hands. Over the last several days, I have been looking for a blog that I used to write years ago. (Remember, what you write on the Internet stays on the Internet!) While I had this time, I decided to take a different approach and “Google” myself and blogs.

My first attempt, I found my personal blog on the first page and my Compumatrix blog on the second page. I changed the query then I found my Compumatrix blog on the first page and my personal blog right below it. Scrolling thru more pages, I found some old Blogger blogs I used to write years ago. Actually, I found 3 of them!

Although I didn’t find all my old blogs, it made me think about something. To thy self be true (especially on the Internet). Never, ever, ever, ever…. post something that you will e v e r  regret. Even if it is up for only a second, you would never know who is online and at that point for that very second.

I know people that have found this out the hard way by losing jobs or not getting jobs because of a derogatory comment they made in Social Media. Employers are checking Facebook and Twitter accounts of prospective employees and if they do not like what they see, they do not want to be tarnished by accepting your application.


When you are promoting that new project or business of yours, do you know that your material may be around for a long time?

A friend sent me an email the other day about a new business he was involved in. I didn’t even go to the website. The last time we sat down and talked, I told him I would not even consider any of those flash in the dark business opportunities.

The reason I had been looking for that “old” blog that I found tonight was because one of my “old” businesses has moved up to the top of my opportunity’s list. I am in the process of putting in place marketing for this business. (I never stopped buying the products.) The last post in that blog was from July of 2010.

I joined that business 5 years ago and have enjoyed the products ever since. Does this meet with my regards to sustain the test of time?




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