Creativity is the Genius of Online Business


Several years ago, we attended a Seminar on autism. One of the speakers started listing people throughout history that were afflicted with autism. Some of the most creative people in the World were on that list. When she was through, she made this statement: “Without autism, this would be a very boring World”.

This speaker was Temple Grandin a Professor of Veterinarian Medicine at Colorado State University. She is re known for her ability to design cattle chutes that were less intimidating for the cattle. She was able to do this because she could put herself in the situation and find a comforting design for the cattle. She could see and feel as the cattle would.

This is a long introduction to tell you the how this is related to online businesses but just keep reading!


Now that I have set the tempo, let’s get into the connection to your online business.

According to Wikipedia, Creativity is: the process of producing something new and worthwhile.

Of course we can produce something that is NOT worthwhile but for the sake of this writing, let’s stick with something worthwhile (COMPUCEEDS)! 

If you are the creator of your online business (and product and/or services), you will undoubtedly see the genius of your creation. In the post On Top of a Mountain of Compuceedsyou may recall the mention of the start of the Banking System and how the creativity of a company, Compumatrixis stirring up the development of a new industry (Digital Currencies).

Sometimes it takes a while to implement an idea (or a change). 

Creating something brand new is easy, compared to creating a change to an established industry.

Of course, the reality of “new” is never really easy! I am using this as a comparison. Of course, we are talking about the acceptance of change in an industry that considers any changes as a threat to its power. Everyone wants what they had yesterday but, yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a dream. We must live for today and use tomorrow’s dreams to create a better today.