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Honesty in Banking: Not Defineable

I was reading an article (The Space-Time Continuum Called The News) from The Daily Sheeple. (written by Jon Rappaport) Jon wrote: They enter that continuum every night, and the deal they make with Williams is: “You pretend to be honest and we’ll pretend to believe you.” – 

To understand this fully, I would suggest reading the article and/or, learn more about Jon Rappaport (No More Fake News .com) Jon talks in the article about “News” being an illusion. If News is an illusion, can banking be identified with honesty?


Business and Banking has always been a relationship worthy of watching. This is one of those relationships that can be identified as a love/hate relationship. In this relationship, the Banking industry survives off the backs of business yet they are in position to dictate to business.

I am sure at some point you had to take out a loan even for your online business. You may think of course not! However, did you ever pay for your products, services or membership by flashing your Credit Card or Debit Card in front of your computer and magically create the funds to exercise payment? By doing so, you may be taking out a short term (or long term) loan from your bank.


Stated plain and simply: Purpose of Banks- A Bank is a financial institution which is involved in borrowing and lending money. (from In the article (To Thy Self Be True), I wrote: WHAT CAN SUSTAIN THE TEST OF TIME

When you are promoting that new project or business of yours, do you know that your material may be around for a long time?

Apply this to the Banking Industry. The Federal Reserve System is only 102 years old. Some say it has sustained the test of time but the reality is this system is long over due for an overhaul.

What comes due on the Banking Timeline Continuum?

To answer this, may I present the future? The future will be valued in other means (other than the banking system of debt). With the recent introduction of Virtual Currencies (or Digital Currencies), we are in a transition from debt to prosperity.

The Online Business Timeline Continuum involves the evolving of the Banking Industry. Although we will strive to rid ourselves of Debt, even if this were completely realized, the Banking Industry will still be a part of our lives (with a different focus).

I will leave you with these words that I posted almost a year ago:

Compuceeds or Bust

Blog Post 30- Compuceeds or Bust

Some things are worth the wait. Waiting for Compumatrix to pull all the pieces together has been frustrating but it will never be regretted. When a new industry and product enters the market, it is not always understood. It takes time for everything to come together and to move forward. Most companies don’t get it on the first try and some products finally launch via a different company than the one that came up with the concept.





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