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Frank Bettger made the largest sale in Life Insurance when he sold a policy for $250K. He provided what the customer wanted! However, he realized every top Life Insurance agent in the area would be making an offer to this client and all of the policies would be the same. He traveled from Philadelphia to New York by train to meet the client. When he arrived, the “potential” client told him to just throw his policy offer on the stack of other offers that were in the table and he would look through them when he had time.

Frank knew it would be impossible for his client to make a decision that one policy was better than the next but he was well prepared. He told his client that all of these policies would be virtually identical (which shocked his client). Then he told him he could “potentially” provide for his client what no other policy in the stack could. He told his client if he were to die tomorrow and had not made a decision, none of the policies could help him. He further explained that he would first have to pass a health exam which he had set up for 45 minutes from that time. If he passed the exam, then his business and his planned giving to the orphanage he supported would be protected.

Frank Bettger provided what the customer wanted.


In the above story, Frank Bettger’s client wanted protection for his business that he had built and continuation of the donations to the orphanage that he sponsored. However, what he did not know is what Frank Bettger provided.

Steve Jobs stated you can’t provide what the customer wants because they do not know what they want until you provide it.

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, was a brilliant innovator. He brought products to the market through a precise strategic plan. Since his “next” product would be something that has not been on the market (or in the thoughts of his customers), he knew he would provide products that his customers were not “wanting” at the time.

In the release planning of his products, Steve Jobs was absolutely stunning in his creation of the atmosphere regarding the age-old concept of providing what the customer wants. When it was time to release a product, his Production (for lack of a better word) would wow and amaze his customers and elevate their desires for the newest product.

In a sense, Steve Jobs created the atmosphere then delivered on the promise of:
providing what the customer wants.


In the post (Creativity is the Genius of Online Business), I talked about creativity with this mention:

According to Wikipedia, Creativity is: the process of producing something new and worthwhile.

Of course we can produce something that is NOT worthwhile but for the sake of this writing, let’s stick with something worthwhile (COMPUCEEDS)! 

Steve Jobs was the Master of Creativity. He created products that were “worthwhile” for everyone that would become customers. Once the name Apple was accepted, the customer had a relationship.

Today, you will see more about Virtual Currencies (Digital Currencies). 

Once you “get it”, you will be looking for “IT”!




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