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Money is a Guarantee….


Really, what is money?

“Money is a guarantee that we may have what we want in the future. Though we need nothing at the moment, it insures the possibility of satisfying a new desire when it arises.” -Aristotle

I founds the above quote in the book, A Path to Financial Piece of Mind, by Dwayne Burnell MBA

I am approaching this subject because of a phone call I had recently with my Insurance sales “person” (lady). During the call, I reminder her that I found her on Face Book because of the url from her email address (hint). My curiosity gave cause for me to eventually call her after some emailing. I needed to know just what kind of Insurance she was selling and just what they were doing to make the concept so irresistible (at least to me). I restated what I said to her when we first met and she shared the information: “I have been looking for this information for the last 30 years! I read about this 30 years ago as a method the wealthy were using.”

This takes us to Our online business, what we want. The absolute bottom line is: we want our online business to produce an income!


(That doesn’t even sound right!)

When you joined an online business, what were your intentions? To make money, RIGHT? (oh, no, I just want to get this product out in everybody’s hand and I don’t even care if I get paid!) Wow, I just came up with another definition of BS!

Of course we want to make money! But take a look again at Aristotle’s quote. In reality, it is not the money we want. It is the future buying capability we desire to secure!

If you have a job, you hope you like what you are doing but you do like it more when payday comes around. You like to eat, buy clothes, eat, drive nice cars, eat, go on vacation (and go on vacation so you can eat different foods!)


I’m a big believer in the Insurance industry. Our current banking system is just over 100 years old. You could have bought insurance in the United States since the 1700’s. Are you seeing the picture yet?

If you live on a budget, you have a certain amount you put aside for FOOD, for gas for the car, clothing, FOOD, vacations, INSURANCE, etc. You get the idea! We NEED TO EAT! (can you tell I’m about to make dinner!)

I want to point out something from an earlier post (Online Business- Your Banking Time Line Contiuum). There has always been a struggle between Business and Banking as stated:

Business and Banking has always been a relationship worthy of watching. This is one of those relationships that can be identified as a love/hate relationship. In this relationship, the Banking industry survives off the backs of business yet they are in position to dictate to business.

AGAIN, I bring you back to Aristotle’s quote as a reminder of what we want: a guarantee of future purchase.

How can you use your online business to assist in this matter. It can do as your job does and provide you an income. However, if you stop working, the income stops!

When you build an online business, you should build for residual income. 

This is similar to buying Insurance however, I like to go beyond this. In the near future, I will share more with you on Dwayne Burnell’s, A Path to Financial Piece of Mind. 




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