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Most people are not aware of the dynamics that effect their lives much less their online business. In reality, most people have been trained to fail.

What is the Titanic Syndrome? The funny thing is I was thinking just the opposite when the idea of the Titanic Syndrome crossed my mind. (We will get right back to the question at hand in a moment.)

I was thinking about the Excitement and Grandeur that goes along with the Maiden Voyage. There is so much excitement and celebration when something new is about to happen. This is the atmosphere that I was thinking about this morning. Then, for a split second, my mind shifted and I was paralyzed by the thoughts of disaster at a moment we should be celebrating triumph.

So, the Titanic Syndrome has been written up in as an indicator for potential stock market negative runs. You can look up the article by doing a search on the site although the rest of the story does not apply here.

When we are in the process of running an online business, what are the factors you look for? Again, Does Your Business Have the Titanic Syndrome?


I am sure the Titanic has its bearing on the minds of ship builders as they are about to launch their latest testament to their industry from the Dry Dock on which it was built. Keep this in mind: THEY PLAN AROUND THIS INSTEAD OF HOLD IT IN THEIR MINDS WITH ALL THE FEAR IT CAN MUSTER!

In the article (Does Your Online Business Provide…), I made the following statement: Frank Bettger made the largest sale in Life Insurance when he sold a policy for $250K. He provided what the customer wanted!

When you venture out on a maiden voyage, you hope you will be met with a warm welcome. In the above statement, Frank Bettger realized that he and a few dozen other Insurance agents would provide what the customer wants but for him to win, he had to provide what the customer wants (but doesn’t know he needs). 

In the article (Is there really a need for Virtual Currency) author Inga B Molin made these statements:

So in fact – your money has now become VIRTUAL! You never touch it.

You only move it to pay your bills, or to pay for products by using the bank issued card to buy your groceries.

In fact – your bank doesn’t even want your “paper money” or coins any more.

Money, Currency the terms have been around for some time. However, the idea of Virtual Currency sheds a new light on an old subject.

Just like the Maiden Voyage, we want to avoid those icebergs associated with the idea of a Titanic Syndrome. We want our online business to be celebrated with an atmosphere of the excitement and grandeur. 

This is how we will celebrate and you are invited!





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