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Your Online Business and Stewardship of Money


My point is, we as parents are trying to teach our children the stewardship of money, yet we have had very little training ourselves. (A Path to Financial Piece of Mind, by Dwayne Burnell MBA)

Do you remember in the movie Mary Poppins when the old banker wants the boy’s coin to invest in a bank account? The boy does not want to give up the coin which starts a run on the bank!

Mary Poppins gave us a great sense of the lack of Financial Education as the old banker was just trying to “educate” the young boy in his way of thinking regarding the financial world. This example points to the factors that Dwayne Burnell refers to in the above quote from his book.

From the blog post: Money is a Guarantee…., I posted this quote as well from Mr Burnell”s book:

Really, what is money?

“Money is a guarantee that we may have what we want in the future. Though we need nothing at the moment, it insures the possibility of satisfying a new desire when it arises.” -Aristotle

One of the aspects of learning your Financial Education is to learn how to earn money so, as Aristotle says, you can have what you want in the future because you have the money to spend! The point of Mr Burnell’s book is to learn how to have the money on hand when the time arises that you need (or want) to meet those expenses.


You may be wondering how this is all related. Life is like dominoes, you topple one and the next will fall and the next… Dominoes is an example of relationships, not that they all shall fall but one action in one area can effect an action in another.

Your online business is a vehicle to secure money. It is what you do with that money that determines your financial future.

In his book, A Path to Financial Piece of Mind, Dwayne Burnell concerns himself with his discussion of financial planning without regard to earning of the income from which to plan with. Our regard is to utilize his tools while we earn money online and therefore plan for our Financial Future.

Our vehicle is our online business to earn the money today for our every day expenses. We have all grown up with the idea of planning for our “retirement years” through various retirement options. Over the years, we have seen the retirement industry change from company managed to individual managed.

Although we have seen these changes coming over the last 40 plus years (with President Nixon signing ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA)) into law in the early ’70’s, creating the 401K plans), we have had little to NO financial planning.

No matter what your future plan is, you need to find a copy and learn from A Path to Financial Piece of Mind, by Dwayne Burnell MBA.

(I will talk more on Mr Burnell’s book real soon!)




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