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Best 5 Well-Paid Online opportunities for freelancers in Philippines

Nowadays, it is extremely easy to earn a decent living online. Especially if you are from the Philippines, there are numerous online job opportunities available at your fingertips. You can earn money by writing articles, editing text, proofreading, designing a logo, translating documents or even becoming a part time virtual assistant.
In order to start working and earning money all you have to do is sign up with some of the online platforms, browse through the job listings, apply and then wait for the client to hire you. The best thing about becoming a freelancer is that you get to choose the types of tasks/projects that you love the most, and you can set your own price by bidding for example. So let’s check out the top 5 best sites for freelancers from the Philippines.


On this platform, freelancers from the entire world apply to different work from home jobs. Becoming a member is very quick and easy, but you need to possess solid English language skills and some academic background in order to apply to these jobs.

A great number of freelancers from the Philippines have managed to build themselves a large pool of clientele and now they earn a decent living by writing content for websites, articles, blog posts, etc.


Here, you will get instant access to hundreds of clients who need writing help on different topics. In order to become a member you need to have a Bachelor’s degree, some very strong writing skills, and perfect Word editing skills. Regardless of the freelancer platform that you join, you must ensure that you will always meet the deadlines to maintain your trustworthiness.


This is an extremely powerful platform, giving you the chance to apply to jobs in several different categories not only web design or writing. For example, you can find editing jobs, translating jobs, proofreading projects, training & education projects, finance & accounting, and even engineering.

If you are from the Philippines, and you possess strong English language skills you should definitely sign up and start searching for a job that suits your needs and skills. Here, you might even find clients who are ready to work with you on a long term basis.


Yet another website dedicated mostly to freelancers from the Philippines. In order to become part of the network, you don’t necessarily have to be a freelancer. The platform offers several interesting career opportunities in niches such as computing, mobile phone industry (creating apps for example), architecture, media, science, translations or the IT sector.


If you are mostly inclined to perform academic writing jobs, you are welcome to register as a writer at The earning possibilities are very high, since here you can earn even up to $30 per page, or more. How much you can earn greatly depends on your skills, academic background, experience, and of course on how many hours you are willing to work as a writer.

As a first step, you will create an account and sign up on the website. Then, you will have to pass an English grammar test and then complete a writing assignment. It is extremely important to keep in mind that in order to become a writer here you need to own a BA, Master’s or PhD degree.

As you can easily note, there are several options available to freelancers from the Philippines. Take your time to research each website, and sign up with those platforms you believe are mostly suited to your academic profile. Each of these websites offers both short term and long term online work opportunities.


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