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Sometimes we don’t see the dangers because our “focus” isn’t what it should be. I was reflecting on this just the other day as I was thinking how this can relate to building an online business.

A little inconvenience can help set priorities. A few weeks back, we sent an email to our daughter’s Principal. The concern was over parents dropping off their children where ever they could pull up regardless of the concern for safety! After all, we lead busy lives and using the car line was an inconvenience!

Do we ever do something like this when we are building our online business? Of course we do. We use short cuts all the time whether it is our business or a business we work for. (The bigger the business, the less concerns!)

When we talk about setting priorities, I will only refer to these aspects regarding building our online businesses. When you “work for yourself”, it is YOUR responsibility to set your priorities. When it’s your own business, your focus is your survival!


(Boy, that was a mouthful!)

This is the year 2015! We need to think different if we want to have different!

In the blog post (Does Your Online Business Have…), I posted:


Most people are not aware of the dynamics that effect their lives much less their online business. In reality, most people have been trained to fail.

It’s not like we get into an online business with the intent: “I will do everything in my power to sink this business to the bottom!” On the contrary, we fully intend to succeed with our online businesses! 

Just as we would not even consider hitting the gas petal instead of the brake if someone dropped their children off for school in the middle of the street! We want our children to be safe!

Likewise, we want our online business to succeed!

So, where do we take this little inconvenience to focus on the survival of your online business! 

We are a creature of habits. Once established, we can do the same thing over and over and over again until we die of boredom. We introduce change and panic erupts! We have to take this inconvenience and LEARN SOMETHING NEW!

We have been trained to follow the leader. Someone takes the lead and tells everyone else what to do. Here’s a surprise: THAT IS A FORMULA FOR FAILURE WITH AN ONLINE BUSINESS!


I hate to be the bearer of bad news! You no longer can play follow the leader!

Pay close attention to this. 20 years ago, you were playing follow the leader. Then something happened and now you need to be the leader. WHAT HAPPENED!

There are three (3) kinds of people:
(1) People that make things happen
(2) People that watch things happen
(3) People that exclaim: WHAT HAPPENED!

Which do you want to be?


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