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Humor, it opens wallets.

Humor is infectious. It spreads like wildfire in any closed environment. People listening will laugh out loud, or with hidden snickers, without hearing the joke or funny story. Some will come and ask “what is so funny?” Many will just turn away laughing because they are embarrassed to show themselves a fool for laughing because ” you are.” Laughter is very contagious, but please don’t give us a vaccination for it, we need to be infected with this contagion.

My sales experience placed me into many CEO offices, board rooms, mom and pop business’s and a few in the local coffee shops. I have met in cars, Hotel lobbies, or stood on a stage facing several thousand glaring faces looking for relief. All to make a sale, one on one, or in groups. Humor was my tool of preference. Humor sets the mood, relaxes, and opens the mind. Humor creates a focal point on a subject matter with willing listeners. Barriers are removed and holes punched walls of fear.

All master speakers, motivators, start with humor, until they feel the audience is warmed. Humor clears the air, introduces positive vibes, and invites people to play along. Do you know why ” Teachers” have such a hard time ” teaching?’ Most don’t use humor to captivate and make learning fun. It is a proven fact, people learn more when learning is fun, ask any kid in the lower grades.

I have seen many a sales manual for new recruits, without any mention of humor in the guide or sales pitch. It should be the first lesson learned. Your bank account will grow, because using humor opens checkbooks. Selling is fun, when you see the humor in it.


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