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How to be successful in sales

When it comes to selling a product or service, good salesmanship can be more of an art than a science. But some salespeople view their jobs as a straightforward numbers game. If they hit their sales quotas, they have succeeded. But truly successful salesmanship is much more than numbers. It is about creating value for your company and your clients, while nurturing mutually beneficial working relationships

Be passionate about the product or service you are selling. There is a world of difference between a salesperson who mails in their pitch and one who actually believes in it. If you aren’t initially excited about what you’re offering customers, research your product and find an aspect of it that sparks your passion or enthusiasm. That excitement will come across in your sales pitches.

Ask smart questions and take the time to listen. Selling an item or service isn’t simply about making it through your pitch and giving customers the hard sell. The most successful salesmen treat the sales pitch like a conversation. Ask as many questions as you can to determine your clients’ needs and how you can fulfill those needs. If clients have questions or comments, listen; don’t simply try to return to the sales pitch.

Plot out incremental goals. Many salespeople have a sales goal and work to fulfill it. Don’t stop there. Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Of course, many of these goals will be related to your sales numbers. But they don’t all have to be. Formulate goals that create value for yourself and others. The successful salesman is working daily to improve himself, his sales pitch and his client base. Goals can include getting back in touch with former clients, meeting new ones or learning something new about your product.

Do more than your co-workers. Some people believe that salesmanship is an innate talent. While some individuals may be predisposed toward sales work, the most successful salesmen got where they are today by hard work. They work longer hours and make more sales calls than their colleagues.

Learn how to create value. Buyers are concerned with finding the best price possible, but they’re also interested in long-term value. To be the best salesman you can be, show a buyer why a few cents more on the dollar for your product is going to translate into long-term value for you both.

Yes I was in the game for 40 years selling timber.


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