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This is NOT Your Daddy’s MLM


I will try to be serious without being witty.
I will try to be direct without being confrontational.
I will try to be constructive without being destructive.

I was reading some helpful advise the other day but the author laced his advise with distasteful comments. I have seen this in forum after forum after forum. Of course not everyone will understand the same material as the next person does. In a conversation the other day, I told someone in marketing that I intended to have my next blog built for me. It wasn’t because I couldn’t do this myself as I have been blogging on my own blogs for years but because I still do not know the inner structures of a blog and how to set it up properly for SEO.

The corner where wisdom collects is that area that we often fear to venture. Those that venture gain competitive advantage that is reserved for the few that do not fear being knocked down again. Remember: It is not how many times you get knocked down. It is how many times you get back up!


In the post (Building Your Online Business by Thought), I wrote the following:

In his book, The Miracle of Right Thought, Orison Swett Marden wrote: “You only have to change your mind to a desired direction, holding it there tenaciously until you have formed a new mental habit. Then you are, in that particular, a new creature.”

The Miracle of Right Thought was first published in 1910.

As noted above, this book was written in 1910. More than 100 years ago, the idea was written about the power of the mind to direct destiny.

I am writing this today because by the power of the mind, we have a business, Compumatrixthat is not readily understood (even for myself). It is unique but the entire Internet was unique 20 years ago. Twenty years ago, I was working in a tech company that was making strides into the Internet. 

As many times as I tell myself what our business model is, I question my ability to ascertain just what I have my hands on. Of course this is difficult since it is virtual (there goes that witty connection again!)

I quote from our CEO’s post (EXPANDED COVERAGE) the following:

I find it sad that I need to put this out as a clarification to  members BUT I will say definitely it is not for all because I believe the greater majority of our members are beginning to understand they are in a significant position as business owners themselves.

I GET IT! (sometimes) The problem is our industry is so new that it takes some time to get it straight and then someone changes the rules. (Reminds me of playing games as a kid when the kid that owned the ball went home when he wasn’t winning!)

When it comes to our business model here at Compumatrix, we have to realize 2 things:

  • 1. We are creating a new product within a new industry (because no one does it like we do)
  • 2. The membership that has been on this voyage came from a different Planet!


What I find absolutely amazing is that so many think we are just about to arrive! NO, we are just about to take the Maiden Voyage! We are just about to embark on the Good Ship Lollipop and sail into and out of calm and rough waters.

You think this trip has been rough? What about those that sailed with Christopher Columbus? They thought they knew where they were going and wound up Discovering a Whole New World!

Do you want to Discover a Whole New World? Come and Sail with us!




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