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Communication, The Bridge Between Dreams and Reality


I was looking at an outline in a publication regarding the art of communication. When the mention of mimicking one’s body language written, I had to reflect on a training I was involved in during a foster parent training workshop. We had to line up across the room from someone we did not know. Then as instructed, we had to take slow steps toward each other until we were in the proximity of being uncomfortable. At this point, we had to hold up a hand signaling the other party to stop moving forward.

I read a book when I was in High School by Thomas E Hall (THE HIDDEN DIMENSION). In his book, the author talked about the distance we kept between ourselves as our comfort barriers. He displayed some photos showing the distance people kept while on a line (at a bus stop, etc). He also talked about the cultural differences on these barriers.

One of the books that I have read on animals that is a favorite is OF WOLVES AND MAN by Barry Lopez. The author discusses the non-verbal communication within the Wolf Pack.

A book that I have long remembered and favored was I TALK TO ANIMALS (I can’t remember the author). In this book, the author talks about how we are able to communicate non verbally until we learn verbal communication! She further states that a small percentage of people maintain this ability after they begin verbal communication. She was one of them and her services were sought throughout the country by veterinarians that had difficult to determine medical cases.


I like to give you something to chew on while I get to the point of my blog post (but I may have carried this a little far)!

All this about communication and body language should make you think! What is it that earns one person the prestigious position (and income) in a company and another person, well……

For the moment, let’s look at a Bank. The teller barely makes more than minimal wage counting endless sums of money and the CEO, CFO, etc are all making 7 Figure Incomes! Why is there so much disparity?

We can use several examples but one that I want to point you to is this: Why are there some people making 7 figure incomes in an industry that has a 95+ failure rate? (You know what industry? You are in it right now!)


It is not just Communication but it is the Art of Communication. When we speak of this bridge between Dreams and Reality, we are in a sense taking you on a journey (this can be your journey) between the initial Dream and the ultimate fulfillment or the Reality!

The Art of Communication equals Success.

By this statement, of course we are talking about Effective Communication. Everything you see in your home or place of business or your travels is the result of someone turning their Dreams into Reality via the Bridge of Effective Communication.

Where will you take your online business?


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