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What are your characters to be a salesman?

I have been thinking about all the times I have entered a timber yard or the manager of that establishment to sell timber.

My mind would say to me “what am I going to say ‘, or “will he be in a good mood,’ or” have other millers been into his office and taken the sales requirements for his monthly purchase from me ”.

I would know by the body language how it was going to be,
They would ring a fake ph number and fake talk for some time, keeping you waiting.
They would shuffle paper from one side of the desk to the other.
They would say “what can I do for you today,” knowing very well what I was there for.

With all these thoughts in one’s mind there is a possibility to become a pessimist.

What is a pessimist?. Pessimists have an underlying attitude that their experiences will usually (or always) be negative and they also believe failures are their own fault. Unfortunately, pessimistic thinking is linked to depression. Pessimism is connected with a belief that an event is beyond control. Perceptions of helplessness and poor coping were also associated with the inability to attribute any real meaning or purpose to the conflict or problem situations. Such a perception is associated with a high distress factor, a predisposition to depression, and a wide diversity of health risks. It is also linked to low self esteem and poor self confidence.

On the other hand we should strive to have Optimism, in our venture in life, I have found that ringing a client, say about 1 hour prior to a visit gives them time to think about, or even do a stock take of what they require.
Optimism (generally) appears to have a strong beneficial effect on physical and mental health. Optimists are positive thinkers. There are several ways of “thinking positively”. One is having thoughts with a positive content and attributing good and not bad events to self, which happy people tend to do. Another is having a good sense of humor, which enables people to “see the funny side of things”, having an ironic view of life, which makes bad things seem good.

Indeed it has been discovered that the most successful individuals from all walks of life do this routinely. Not only do optimists imagine a rosy future, they remember their successes much better than they recall their failures. They dwell on the pleasant. They skip over, although they don’t ignore, their shortcomings.

I trust this has not bored you, but as I am now retired from the business side of life, I look back and recall many instances of both Optimism and Pessimism and have had many good laughs.

As they say “Always look on the bright side of life.”


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