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New School Marketing for Your Online Business


Is it?

I don’t want to burst your bubble but I’m not going to give you “the Secret of Online Marketing”!

THERE IS NO SECRET! (sorry, I burst your bubble!) In the post: (THE Method to Market Your Online Business), I stated the following:

New School Marketing is a method that utilizes a “SYSTEM” to deliver your message to the right Targeted Market in the process of building your Online Business presence.

Notice also in the title that I capitalized the word: THE. This is to emphasize the important and singularity of THE specific method. (However, I enter into this post with grave reservations. I am stating this due to the enormity of marketing methods for your online business that are available today.)

At the end of the day when you shut off your computer (mine doesn’t shut down since it is continuously working) and you go to bed, remember: It’s all a Numbers Game!


When someone comes up with a “System”, you have to ask yourself will it work? It’s not so much does the system work but it is will you work the system?

Just in a paragraph above, I wrote this: It’s all a Numbers Game!

I know you have heard this before but do you really know what it means? Recently, one of the biggest builders in the Amway business (Bill Britt) died. He had been recently quoted on how he built his business and the numbers of people that he talked with, the number that joined and the number that went to work. It’s all a Numbers Game!

I mention this because although Bill Britt used “the old school” method of marketing, he still used a “System”. However, I’m not talking about the system he used.

I am currently going through a “training system” for another business. Even though that system is in place, I feel it pales in comparison to “THE System” that I will refer to. Again, there is a multitude of online marketing systems on the market so I do not want to be negative on others. With this said, I feel compelled NOT to mention THE System that I am referring to. However, I have forwarded the information to Compumatrix and I will gladly share it with those that ask (or find where I am offering it).




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