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New School Marketing for Your Online Business Part 2


I don’t like teasers and I don’t like to feel as though I am doing this as well. However, everything in its time, right? In my previous post (New School Marketing for Your Online Business), I did leave you wondering what this system is all about, right? In this previous post, I made the following comment:


When someone comes up with a “System”, you have to ask yourself will it work? It’s not so much does the system work but it is will you work the system?

Just in a paragraph above, I wrote this: It’s all a Numbers Game!

If you put 2 and 2 together, you would probably come up with 4. However, on occasion, you may come up with 5. (it is possible to prove this mathematically but we won’t get into that now). Let is suffice to say we are planning to come up with 5 because we are super achievers!

As quoted above, It’s all a Numbers Game! The purpose we are achieving today is dealing with the aspect of this “numbers game” idea.


I just got off the phone with one of the staff for the Marketing System that I am referring to. As I have stated at another time, there is a multitude of marketing systems on the Internet. What makes one stand out over another? (I will get back to this in a moment.)

As I was talking, I drilled the conversation in the direction that effects us here at Compumatrix. Some people do not have a Face Book account although Social Media Marketing is where it is at! (Excuse me Mrs Tomlinson for ending a sentence with a preposition! LOL) Most people do not have a list although this is the first thing someone should do if they want to make money online.

With our conversation, I asked about these things and I was very pleased with the answer. Now, let’s get back to what makes this system stand apart!

Recently, while attending a webinar for this company, the presenter made a profound comment. He mentioned the problem of having a Social Media Marketing System (at an affordable cost). He is the brain-child behind the system and parts of the system are free whereas if you found those components else where, you have to pay well for it.

I knew where I wanted to go with this conversation. When I reflect on my Compumatrix family, I am reminded that we have traveled a long voyage together. Our business model is different from others. The compensation is NOT typical and we are a collective community. This means, we work together for the gain of all members.

Keeping this in mind, I have to focus on the “collective benefit” for all members. Therefore, we need to hold on just a little longer before we further discus this new school marketing system for our online business.




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