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While I was in my hospital bed, my husband was telling me about the 5 hearts of the horse. When he was learning to shoe horses, the instructor (a retired Air Force Colonel) told him about the functioning of the horses’ feet. In addition to what we understand as the “Heart”, he was told the part of the horse’s hoof called the Frog functions similar to the function of the heart regarding pumping blood as it expands and contracts with the walking weight of the horse.

Marine Scientists have long known that Sharks have to keep swimming 24/7 in order to have Oxygen rich water pass over their gills so they can maintain the Oxygen they need to survive. Recently, they discovered an area in the Caribbean where they found some sharks that were asleep and not swimming. Upon further investigation, they realized the area they found these sharks had a stream of Oxygen rich current flowing through it.


We know the value of Oxygen and we know the value of the blood pumping through our veins. But, do we know the value of Oxygen for your online business?

In his post (Are Compuceeds Really Worth Anything), the author (PROF. HENRY JAMES ) wrote the following:

It is expected that Compuceed’s first movers will be the first to become rich as the popularity and demand for compuceeds explodes and the supply continues to grow at a limited amount. Many people now value digital currencies, not as money, but as a speculation. They want a piece of that get-rich-quick action, too. Shades of the dot-com boom!

We watched a movie some time back where this young girl (about 16 years old) fell and struck her head. When she woke up, she had become her Grandmother (about 50-60 years earlier). She realized what had happened and everyone tried to have her committed when she tried to tell them. The time she went back to was just before the Stock Market Crash of 1929. As she was trying to tell her Grand Uncle (who thought she was his sister), he began to realize what had happened. When it came time for the accident, the Grand Uncle came to visit and stay with her family. When she woke from the accident, he told her the story. To prove it, he showed her a hospital he had built and asked her how she thought he had the money. He told her about his investments in companies such as Cisco and Micro Soft and Dell, etc. He told her the only way he knew to invest in these companies is because she told him just before the Market Crash.

Knowing information like this prior to the history of these companies is similar to having Oxygen for your online business.

We may not have known about Cisco or Dell computers but we do know the financial industry is evolving. Are you understanding what Prof Henry James is SHOUTING about being first? Do you have an online business that might need a little help? And, most important, ask yourself this question: Who are you?

In the post (A Little Inconvenience…), the following was written:


I hate to be the bearer of bad news! You no longer can play follow the leader!

Pay close attention to this. 20 years ago, you were playing follow the leader. Then something happened and now you need to be the leader. WHAT HAPPENED!

Are you going to be the one shouting: WHAT HAPPENED?

Or, are you going to add OXYGEN TO YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS!


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