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Relationships and Your Online Business


I bet you never thought of yourself as a tour guide!

Why are we talking about Relationships and Your Online Business? Without the relationship, every thing else is a void. We are constantly making connections with others, but are we building any of those connections into our online businesses?

When you are building an online business (especially in Direct Sales), your success is in the relationship. The success is also the word: SALES. Think of yourself as a tour guide and you are introducing someone to your business. You are their guide to success. Without your prior knowledge and business practices, they would have to learn everything you already know. So, why not teach them what you have already learned so they can take the business to the next step.


Compumatrixwhat is it? For someone that has been with this company since the beginning, it is a community! This is what our driving force has been.

For everyone else that is just beginning to know who we are, this is a business that produces Compuceeds (a Digital Currency). 

In the post (Oxygen For Your Online Business), I wrote the following:

Knowing information like this prior to the history of these companies is similar to having Oxygen for your online business.

Have you ever run in a race until your legs are burning? That is you muscles screaming for Oxygen. After they deplete the Oxygen supply, the muscles turn to lactic acid for energy. This is a temporary fix until the proper Oxygen levels are restored. This is similar with your online business. You can run your business only on a temporary basis without the necessary knowledge until your education catches up to the level you have attained in the business. (Ever hear the phrase: fake it until you make it!)

You will have to just trust me when I say you will ultimately understand exactly what Compumatrix is and what it will mean to you. I can’t explain it in one paragraph because it would be like taking a drink from a fire hose!


Let’s say I wanted to go to Nice, France. I know because of our community, I could probably find someone that lives there or nearby. In addition to that, I could request them to take some time and give me a personal tour guide of their City.

With this thought in mind, do you think we have to worry about taking time off from work to become a tour guide for another member? Of course not! That’s what this relationship and your online business is all about.

Members of this community already have their Financial affairs on the Express Track. 





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