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Life changes us…

We so often have the sense in this life that we’re making choices and everything is happening as we have ‘planned’.  Looking more closely at those ideas, there is less certainty about that, for me, these days.

What is clear to me is that Life takes care of me, of us.  It brings about the changes that prepare us for the moments to come in our lives.  It creates a person that is vibrating at a level to allow new possibilities to come into our field.

Here at Compumatrix, lots of that is happening for all of us.  We are all preparing, consciously and unconsciously, for greater abundance to enter our lives.  Some of us may feel we are well prepared, others not so well prepared.

And what does prepared really mean?  The important piece for me, is simply to be aligned with the Divine.  What that means and looks like for each of us is going to be different.  And actually, you can’t get it wrong, anyway, so in a way, there is no need to even wonder about it.

I suppose the reality of life is that there is no way to prepare, and nothing to align. But truly, there are some ways to care for ourselves that can make a huge difference in how powerfully aligned we are.  And that can make all the difference in how we feel about whatever may be happening in life.

The most powerful ways to care for ourselves revolve around relaxing and feeling safe.  The more we relax and feel safe, the more our hearts open, and the more our hearts open, the more we are aware of what the highest possibilities for our lives are.

Maybe that’s how meditation had its start.  It surely helps one feel safe and relaxed. But there are lots of other ways to bring greater relaxation and the sense of safety into our lives.

A huge one is just to deepen and slow the breath.  Another easy one is to just do everything more slowly.  The slower we move, the safer the heart feels.  And the heart is so much the key in all of this.  A heart that feels safe and loved will begin to open our awareness up to greater possibilities and potentials.

May you move slowly and breathe deeply this day.  And may you be blessed!



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