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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait


First my apologizes.

In my previous post (Integrity and Your Online Business), I wrote the following:

I couldn’t remain silent forever! I just had to write this blog. My relationship is my Integrity!

If I didn’t write this blog, I lose ground on my Integrity. This damages my relationships with my readers. This cycles back to my online business and kills my hopes of a thriving business.

Those of you that are members of Compumatrix are fully aware of the struggles we have endured. Many lost hope and went away. Those that stayed wanted to see this come together. At the brink of success are those two words: Integrity and Relationships. 

I would not jeopardize either one. How about you?

As all of you are aware, there have been roadblocks in our path and the administration has been diligently removing these so we may move forward. I fear many have fallen asleep and we are in need of YOUR SERVICES RIGHT NOW!!!

I can not (with all honesty) move forward with the information that I have promised you because we have to move forward as a group. This is the premise this business is built on. The question of the day would stand as this: What is necessary for us to move forward as a group that prevents the information that I promised?

To answer that, Go and read the forum!

All of our requirements are there and if you follow your business diligently (and awake from your slumber), then you would be aware of the duties from our membership that we are waiting on.


This is not a sit and be idle business. Many people still can not get that out of their head. If you need a little insight, think of all the ways you might be able to be paid if you were to employ the “idle mentality”!

The top of my list is: WELFARE.

I hate to use this as an example but when I am through, I hope you will never desire to be dependent on Welfare or Social Security again!

Think about visiting a laboratory when researchers are using rats to follow out experiments. There are stacks of cages and each cage contains one rat. At the end of each session, the rat would be placed back in their cage. They are confined to the contents of that cage.

This is the way I view Welfare and Social Security (especially Disability through Social Security). 

If you become accustomed to these programs, they tell you what the rules are (financial rules) and you can not vary from this. If you are on Welfare, you can not work. If you are on Disability, you are limited to how much you can make (or they cut you off).

This is what I refer to as: putting you in a box.

You are confined to the contents of that box.


We will no longer use the phrase: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait!



Wake up sleepy Compumatrix family member! There is work to be done!


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