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He’s Across the Street Changing a Tire


It has been many years since we watched that movie but it has been indoctrinated into our very lives every day in everything we do.

I read an account of a German couple on vacation (Holiday) in Greece. They went into a hotel and put down 100 Euro to hold a room while they decided if they would stay in that hotel. Meanwhile, they went out to enjoy dinner. The hotel manager immediately took the 100 Euro down the street to pay his obligation to the Bakery. The Bakery owner took the 100 Euro and paid his obligation to the Butcher. The Butcher went and paid the 100 Euro he owed to Bank on his loan. The Bank loaned the 100 Euro to the Clothing Store. The owner of the Clothing store took the 100 Euro back to the Hotel to pay for the rooms when they had guest in town. Just as the last payment was made back to the Hotel, the German couple came back to retrieve their 100 Euro because they chose another hotel to stay the night.

Isn’t this how our lives have become?

The other day, my husband popped his head in the door and said, “I’m going across the street to help change a tire for a friend of Gerry’s”. It didn’t take long but if someone were to ask for help, we feel there is a need that should be fulfilled.

A little over a week ago, a couple knocked on our door on a Sunday afternoon. They asked us if there was any way they would be able to keep their 3 horses in our property until they found another place for them. Apparently, the owner where the horses were at the moment was demanding they move the horses by 5 pm or sign them over.

When they did find a place to move the horses, they said they would be sure to make it up to us with some payment. We told them we would rather them Pay It Forward since there is a great need out there. We were glad to have been able to assist at a time such as this.

My husband also asked for an email address so they can take a serious look at earning an income online.


In the post: (On Top of a Mountain of Compuceeds), I wrote the following:

Now, the Jeweler calls his business a BANK. He stores Gold and people can write promissory notes to others for things they might buy.

Compuceeds are another type of Currency. (They are Virtual Currency.) You may not physically handle them as they are on the Internet. This makes your payment for products and services payable by Digital Currency.

What limits are you removing from others so they can become Financially Free?

With the concept of Pay It Forward, would it just be a reality that you can offer someone the concept of participating with a new reality in the Banking arena? Within the aspect of earning an income online, there is always the question of need. Will the person you reach out to have a need for that product you have to offer? Will that product sell itself? 

Or, you can offer them an opportunity to work from a base that will allow them the freedom to move about the marketplace. 



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