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Dream and reality-Don’t Miss the Bus

It was about 10 years back. I had a friend who was very poor, but always wished to get money. There are no methods that he didn’t try to earn decent money, but was never successful. He then asked me to suggest him any method by which he can earn lots of money. I told him there is nothing I know wherein he can get millions as he is dreaming. Out of all these wasteful methods he employed spent his time and the little money he had, he did one good thing. On a call from his aunt who is very rich, old and who has no children, he went and served her for about 3 months. He returned after she recovered from her illness. He told me that old lady is just useless. I asked him, how he can call his aunt as useless. He replied that for the three months service he did, she did not offer him a single Rupee (Indian Currency). I told him that he should stop weighing everything with money. May be she felt that you will feel hurt if she offers money in return of the service you did. He told me that he is going to change his house (he stayed at a rental house) and he will use a new SIM in his cell phone so that, his aunt will not be able to contact him again. He did exactly that. When I told him that his attitude to his aunt is not correct, he stopped talking to me and never gave his new address or cell phone number to me.

After 3 months, I came to know that his aunt wrote a will making him successor to all her property. She passed away.

I remembered this because our USA members in spite of repeated reminders are not activating their cards. Every member here at Compumatrix has been longing to get money, but when the time came, they are not able to avail it.

Through this blog I request all USA member friends to do the needful regarding the card, so that they will not only be helping themselves, but will be helping others.


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