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This is a story told by my grandmother long back. A person (let us call him WAMS: Wealth and Money seeker) who wanted unlimited wealth prayed God for years and finally God appeared and asked him what he wants. WAMS felt extremely happy and asked God that he wanted unlimited wealth.

God told him that he will tell him how to go about to get unlimited wealth, but can’t directly give it to him. WAMS thought good enough and asked God to tell him as to go about to get unlimited wealth.

God then took him to an unknown place, where there are 12 doors. God then told him that behind one of these doors is unlimited wealth. He told that out of 12 doors, it is relatively easy to reach 8 doors and very difficult to reach the remaining four doors.

God then told WAMS. “See, I have brought you very near to unlimited wealth. Now you should put in some effort to reach it. But God told that WAMS will have only 4 chances to reach the correct door. Once he exhausts all the 4 chances without finding the unlimited wealth, then all the doors along with unlimited wealth will disappear and he will never be to get his unlimited wealth in his life. After telling this God disappeared.

WAMS got into a dilemma. Which doors he should reach first. Where is the unlimited wealth? He thought that he will try 2 easy to reach doors and two difficult to reach doors and test his luck.

Overcoming all obstacles, it took WAMS 2 days to reach the first difficult door. When he opened it, there is nothing inside. He got very angry and tired. He started cursing himself for accepting this trial and error method.

WAMS then thought that he will try two easy to reach doors. He could reach those two doors in less than one day. But to his dismay, he could not find unlimited wealth even behind these doors.

WAMS then started feeling tense. He thought that he has put in lots of effort and could not get money. So he will not try the fourth door now. He also assured himself that until he tries the fourth door, the doors will not vanish. Thinking this he left and started trying his luck elsewhere unsuccessfully. In the process of trying to get money he lost whatever he had.

Then about 8 years from the day God appeared to him, one friend met him on the way. That friend told WAMS, ‘I have been searching for you for over a year now. I am happy that I could meet you today.”

WAMS asked his friend, “What is the matter?”

Friend replied, “I wanted to tell you about those doors, which God has shown you.”

WAMS very uninterestingly told his friend, “That’s just useless. I tried, but could not get money.”

His friend then told him, “It is your will. I just wanted to tell you that there is only one door now.”

WAMS without listening further started running to the place where the doors were shown by God. He really found only one door and that too an easy to reach door. He went and opened it. He got awe stuck. There is that wealth he has been longing.

After telling this story, my grandmother told me that we should have patience to achieve anything.

I recollected this story, because our US member friends are not available when the opportunity is knocking their doors.


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