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It’s a small village with about 4000 population. Everyone is so friendly with others. Although there were about 800 houses, the whole village used to live like one family. The head of the village is a visionary and wanted to help the villagers in such a way that they will not unhappy at any time.

Everything was going fine and everyone in the village used to respect the village head and the village looked like a model village for others to follow.

The main motto of the village head was Caring & Sharing. As the village used to live like one family, the village head used to be respected as the family head.

All those living in that ideal village has all the praise for the village head, who used to spend days and nights for a scheme by which all villagers not only will get benefited, but also spread the word so that more and more people from other villages will become part of the family and reap the benefits.

At such a time some things happened by which villagers got perturbed. There were no rains, no water and the village faced the worst famine of all times. The village head told the villagers not to get perturbed. But the villagers got so disturbed and started feeling that the village head is not having enough powers to help them. The village head tried to convince by telling that good days are ahead and he is not having any magic wand to help the villagers immediately.

But the villagers have no patience. Most of them migrated to other villages where things appeared better. However some villagers who have total faith in the village head remained in the village. By the relentless work and methodologies used by village head, things in that village not only improved, but became much more beneficial to the villagers. The village head used his contacts to bring in co-operative systems, by which the villagers can do co-operative farming and co-operating in many other areas, by which their income will grow multifold.

But the companies offering the infrastructure for the co-operative systems has put a condition that a minimum of so many people should be there to derive benefit of those co-operative infrastructure facilities.

Unfortunately that many people are not there in that village to take advantage of those facilities. Then on the advice of the village head villagers started contacting the erstwhile villagers who left in a hurry.

Their brief message to the ex-villagers is simple and read like this, “The relentless efforts of our most beloved villages head have brought in excellent results. Now who ever come back and lives in the village will get so many benefits. Please Come Back, We are waiting.”

Will they come back or not? Your guess is as good as mine. Let us pray God that should come back.


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