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I realized, as I wrote to friends about my take on Compumatrix, that what stands out for me in Compumatrix history, is the original mission statement of caring and sharing. Alison has beautifully restated it in today’s terms in her profile:  “Alison supports the humanitarian vision of Henry James Banayat: That every individual, given the opportunity to use their own special talents, can turn what they do best into a sustainable source of online income.”

If there is anything that ensures our success in this undertaking, it is that vision, so beautifully felt and acknowledged by each of us in our hearts.  Is that not why it feels so right to continue to support and stand behind what we are doing here?  Is that not something to be proud of, even as it is continuing to unfold in form?  Does it not take an unknown amount of time for Life to line things up in order to bring things into fruition?

We have been trained to use our minds in a particular way, as humans in this day and age.  We have been trained to go out and ‘make things happen’ in the world.  But that is not really how this world operates, and it is not how best to use our minds.

Our minds are are best used to hone our attention in on those things that we have decided matter to us.  And when used in this way, for the wellbeing of all, our minds help us flow with life, not against it.  All of heaven lines up in support of that which we do.

The way this works best is to look at what is the highest value or ideal you have in life, and then to set intentions based on that highly held ideal or value.  Perhaps, like many, your highest value in life is love.  Or perhaps peace, joy, happiness…  You simply take that value and use it to set an intention as you rise in the morning.  Your mind then brings you those opportunities that align with that intention.

So, you might set the intention in the morning, “May I be more loving to myself and others today than ever before, for the wellbeing of all.”  Your mind then has been given its instructions for the day.  It can point out to you those things that align with that intention.  You will then be given the oppportunity throughout the day to demonstrate and anchor that intention and value more strongly into your life, through the choices you make.

We, as individuals, came here to this planet to explore many different ways of expressing and exploring love, peace, joy…  As a part of that exploration, we had to also be willing to feel and explore the flip side of that–pain, suffering, anguish…  We are coming into a time when those very things that we have explored for so long and suffered through, are awaiting our love.   And it is our intentions that will carry us through, just as the intentions behind Compumatrix will eventually carry us through to abundant flow.

It all happens, not on our schedule of preference, but in perfect divine timing.  We cannot understand, imagine or control the way things unfold in the world.  Nor would it be in the least way useful for us to try to do so.  We cannot know why we sometimes don’t feel like getting up in the morning, or why we suddenly feel like jumping for joy at other times.  All of these things, though, matter.  They are real, live things that simply want to loved and appreciated, just for existing.

Each of us, whether we are jumping up to sign more people up for Compumatrix, or are waiting impatiently not feeling like we have any way to contribute, or anywhere in between, are all doing everything perfectly, according to divine plan.  Nothing can get in the way of a powerful intention.  And nothing can make God move faster than ‘He’ is already moving.  We all play our parts perfectly, regardless of what that may look like. We cannot do this wrong.

This blog was inspired by my teacher, Matt Kahn. You can find out more about his teachings at





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