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A Mime as a Metaphor


I have been struggling lately with what I wanted to write about. An idea would pop into my head and I would dismiss it because it wasn’t just the right thing at the right time. Usually, I am better at writing down these ideas and saving them for another time but I have been distracted lately with a “few” other projects.

I think the mime has a lot of potential!

However, are you after potential or are you after results. With our online businesses, the Mime represents us not fully engaging. To understand completely, I will ask you this one question:

Have you ever had a conversation with a mime?

Let’s let the visual effects of this set in for just the moment.

I asked if you ever had a conversation with a mime. Some of you are smirking about now because you may know where this is going. Although it may be difficult to have that conversation, it is entirely possible. (Most people would prefer to not have this conversation and dismiss it as ridiculous!)

Have you ever traveled to a foreign country and not speak the language? Is is possible your attempt at communication is similar to a Mime communications?

Do not dismiss this thought! You thought this entire conversation was a play on words. In reality,  I think the mime has a lot of potential!


Do you think your online business can grow although shrouded by silence? You might want to go and listen to: The Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel.

 When your Online Business is operating in silent mode, is your productivity grinding to a halt? If you crossed your “T”s and dotted your “I”s, then you are in good shape.

In the post (One Class Prepared Me For My Online Business), I wrote the following:

You can build that relationship by email, IM or Skype but sometime it becomes necessary to get on the phone and talk. With our online businesses often being International, we often approach a language barrier. (There is always Google Translate!)

A marketer I well respect commented once: “you can use all those other tools and make money online but if you intend to maximize your income, you will have to pick up the phone!”


Remember in the words of Monte Python, A Mime is a terrible thing to waste.


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