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I am perturbed and in a way dejected. Well reason everyone knows. I don’t have money even to buy a coffee. Aimlessly I am walking on the road. My mind is reeling under so many thoughts. How to overcome the broke situation I am in now? I thought of various options, but none of them are possible because my credit rating is not good. I am feeling hungry, and I am angry on myself because there is nothing I can do to overcome the situation.

I searched my pockets. I found a small diary. I pulled it out and glanced through the pages. I found Compuceeds Card Redeem Codes. I kept back the diary in my pocket. I thought if I could use those Card Redeem Codes to buy what I want. I suddenly found a notice board outside a shop.

“Compuceeds Accepted Here!”

I rubbed my eyes and saw again. Yes, the notice board is clear and it says that they accept Compuceeds. I walked into the shop in disbelief. I was little hesitant and looking here and there. The shop owner asked me, “How can I help you?”

I told him in a very feeble voice, “I have Compuceeds. Can I use them to buy things from your shop?”

The shop owner came back from the counter and gave me a hearty welcome. He very courteously told, “Of course, it’s our privilege to accept Compuceeds. You can buy anything from our shop using Compuceeds.”

Am I happy? You bet, I am more than happy. I asked him as to what is the exchange rate. He told, “As of yesterday, Compuceeds are exchanged at $49 each. But the exchange rate is rising by the day.

“Compuceeds are going to be another Bitcoin brother. You can not only buy anything from our shop with Compuceeds, but also exchange them for cash here”. I looked at him in disbelief and asked him, “Are you the only shop that are accepting Compuceeds?” He replied in a surprised tone, “Brother every shop, restaurant and many others accept Compuceeds. Don’t you know that much?”

I put up a brave face and told him, “Yes, I know, I am just testing you.”

I bought some immediate requirements and exchanged some Compuceeds for cash. As I came out of the shop and proceeded further, I am pleasantly surprised to see notice boards at many places, which read, “Compuceeds Accepted Here”.

I jumped in joy and fell down from my cot and woke up. So I was seeing a dream. Never mind, even if it is dream. My dream is going to be a reality in the very near future. I know that with the efforts put up by Henry, David, Jane, Erline and a host of others in Henry’s team, my dream is going to be a reality very soon.

Well friends, don’t write it off as a dream. Any dream can become a reality with the right kind of effort. Pick up Compuceeds when the exchange rate is One Dollar each of the Compuceeds you acquire.

That day is not very far when all members of Compumatrix, whether founding members or new members will be the happiest people on earth.

Tomorrow belongs to “Compuceeds”.


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