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I was reading another blog this morning (Building your business-A Visionary Approach). The following paragraph struck me:

Building a vision for your business is something that you ought to buckle down at. There is nothing the issue with needing more for yourself. When you are not kidding about being an incredible achievement in life you ought to verify that you are utilizing the instruments that work best for you. Make sense of an arrangement and afterward go from that point. There is nothing the matter with arranging ahead and being in control in light of the fact that you are the particular case that is going to have the effect.

I have met several people that were (are) visionaries for their business ventures, both online and offline as well. I am enjoying the privilege of being right here at the moment while 2 of them spin out their visions in productive Internet fields.

As author Santosh says in his post, Building a vision for your business is something that you ought to buckle down at.

If you can’t see it, you will never achieve it!

Let me give you an example: Years ago, we were planning to purchase a van in the near future. We put a photo from the dealership on our refrigerator and went on about our business. The photo got buried by other papers that were held to the refrigerator by their various magnets. When it came time to buy the van, we went to the dealership to look around. We test drove a white van and were satisfied to purchase. The salesman mentioned another van and we took a look. It was red. We drove it and decided to take it instead. After tearing up the first paperwork and re writing the contract, we took possession and went home. Days later, we cleaned off the refrigerator and there was our red van, identical in every detail.


Do you Visualize your income from your online business? Do you visualize debt or do you visualize profit?

I ask these questions because what your online business is does not matter compared to being in profit with your business.

In his article (Compuceeds Accepted Here), author Santosh wrote the following:

That day is not very far when all members of Compumatrix, whether founding members or new members will be the happiest people on earth.

Tomorrow belongs to “Compuceeds”.

In business today, you have to ask yourself when you are accepting payment for your products and services: Do I want to accept debt as payment (fiat currency) or do I want to accept profit as payment?


The World of the Virtual Currency is upon us. It is time to rise out of the ashes and fly like the Phoenix.



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